Playcent NFT Marketplace Launch for April: Buckle Up

Our token sale and exchange listing was a great success, and we’ve been quite busy over the past few weeks and are excited to share our roadmap with you.

The roadmap for April:

We are thrilled to announce that the first version of NFT Marketplace will go live on April 16, 2021. This means users will be able to login through social logins, mint their own NFTs with no coding required.

After the v1 is tested, we will unveil the NFT marketplace v2 on a later date.

Playcent creator KIT — Late April

Creator kit provides templates using which influencers can launch their own mini-apps to engage and monetize from their community. We will launch them with select few influencers for the beta.

We will also be announcing many of our launch partners, so definitely keep on the lookout for that!

Join our social channels for the latest updates.

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UGC platform for Interactive apps and games

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