Playcent launches $100k developer reward program

We are excited to launch a reward program to work with developers to grow our games and mini-apps templates offering a new set of customized applications to play with. These new sets of applications would range from simple to use apps to fun games built using playcent SDK to enrich definite principles.

Playcent is a blockchain based user generated content platform for interactive apps and games. It’s a remix tool that anyone can use to make interactive games, mini-apps, and memes based on the various templates created by independent developers.

We are looking for developers to create responsive web apps and hyper casual games that are easy to remix and customize.

Reward program is active for games and responsive web apps.

Web app formats:

quiz maker, linktree etc.,

Game formats:

Match3, runner, flappy bird etc.,

Most of the games and templates are Javascript based, and are adapted to Playcent through the inclusion of a few JSON files. Please click “Remix” on any of the playcent games above in order to see the file structure ( switch to code view ), and how the app uses JSON config files in order to render Playcent VCs (Visual Controls). These VCs let non-coders customize the games and apps visually.

If you create a new game or web app template that meets our requirement, we will pay you $200 USD per template.

In order to be accepted, templates must meet ALL of the following criteria:

1/Template must be responsive and work well on both desktop and mobile devices ( android, ios and others )

2/Template must include playcent libraries that allow people to remix and customize the template (changing images, sounds, colors, and other mechanics).

3/Template must load properly in the Playcent editor and publish correctly from the editor.

4/Template should work well in iframes.

To start working, please apply using the application link . We try to process approvals in 3–5 days, Once approved we will work with you closely to get the template published.

Reward can be claimed only after successful listing in the playcent store.

Get paid to create hyper casual games and responsive web apps

Apply now!

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UGC platform for Interactive apps and games

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UGC platform for Interactive apps and games

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