Introducing the New Tiered System for Playcent Capital Pre-Sales

After the extremely successful launch of our first Playcent Capital project — PolkaRare, which hit an ATH of $2, We are thrilled to introduce our updated pre-sale tier structure

The New 50000 PCNT TierReaper, Thus reducing the gap between the god and dragon tier

The tiers requirements for each private channel,

Demon — 10k PCNT
Dragon — 20k PCNT
Reaper — 50k PCNT
God — 100k PCNT

Instructions for Joining

Buy $PCNT on Uniswap, Gate or Bitbns
The token contract (make sure to verify) is: 0x657b83a0336561c8f64389a6f5ade675c04b0c3b
You can double-check here:


Hold 10000 or above PCNT in a Metamask or WalletConnect wallet.
Join the discord community:
In the general channel enter the command !join and complete the steps that will verify (via Metamask or supported wallet ) you own $PCNT in your wallet, and will give you access to the private channels based on your holdings

What’s Next
We will be announcing the next Playcent Capital Presale project and pre-sale opportunity later this month.

Join our social channels for the latest updates.
Telegram group:




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UGC platform for Interactive apps and games

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