Announcing Token-Permissioned Chat Group on Discord for Playcent Capital Pre-Sales

We are excited today to announce the launch of a Discord Token-Permissioned chat group for Playcent Capital Pre-Sales

Playcent presale access is a tokenized discord community, meaning you’ll need a minimum of 10000 $PCNT tokens to access the private channels.

The tiers requirements for each private channel,

Demon — 10k PCNT
Dragon — 20k PCNT
God — 100k PCNT

Instructions for Joining

Buy $PCNT on Uniswap, Gate or Bitbns

The token contract (make sure to verify) is: 0x657b83a0336561c8f64389a6f5ade675c04b0c3b
You can double-check here:


  • Hold 10000 or above PCNT in a Metamask or WalletConnect wallet.
  • Join the discord community:
  • In the general channel enter the command !join and complete the steps that will verify (via Metamask or supported wallet ) you own $PCNT in your wallet, and will give you access to the private channels based on your holdings

First Presale Access:

PolkaRare : A web3 economy for unique and scarce digital assets

Instructions to participate in PolkaRare private sale:

1: Join the tokenized discord chat group
2: Fill the form shared in the discord group on May 2nd and contribute USDC to the mentioned address in the form

Contribution Time/Date: Between 10am UTC May 2nd to May 5th 10am UTC

Note: Users must hold $PCNT and stay in discord tokenized group until May 11 to receive tokens

Join our social channels for the latest updates.

Telegram group:




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